Different or distinct
from what has been
known previously

This page is about things that are DIFFERENT and somewhat DISTINCT from what you'll find on the rest of this site.

I've played with different people, different ideas, and different concepts over the years. Some of it is pretty neat and some of it is pretty silly. Some is both! (are?)

Poke around and see what you'll find. As with all the other pages I'll be adding and changing the tunes here every now and then. I'll try to put in appropriate notes where it is... appropriate!

All the songs/noises/etc. on this site were recorded and produced by S.Reinier deSmit, unless otherwise noted. (My appreciation to all involved)!

"Blows N' Squeezes"
   length: (3:05) Mini-
Song for PSC Website Post

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"Cactus Song "
length: (4:00) full
Song for PSC Website Post

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"Round & Round"
© deSmit/Kaye/McLean
length: (2:55) edit

I wrote this song along with Mike Kaye and Traci McLean (who also did vocals on this track). I really like it, its a darn happy pop tune.
I still think about friendships gone by and friendships coming back when I hear this song!

"You Take It On"
© George Furtney/S.R.deSmit
MONO length:
(2:55) edit

George and I threw this happy little tune down back in Feb. '97.
It is a grungy little tune to say the least... but it has some feistyness to it as well. Put on your Doc Martins and jump around a bit, why don't you?

© Steve Blimkie / S.R. deSmit
length: (4:19) full

This goes way back. Steve was still a Punk Rocker and I had stripes in my hair. It was the mid-80's and Steve and I wrote some pretty cool tunes. Now he's a Wall Street Lawyer and I've got gray stripes in my hair. But the Heart of the Matter hasn't changed one bit...

© deSmit/Kaye/McLean
length: (2:56) edit

One of my favorite songs from the Mike/Traci/Reinier songwriting team. It says a lot about passion and relationships.

Includes REAL thunderstorm sound effects! Big production value for Big listening pleasure!!

If you like one of the edited versions but would like a copy of it un-edited, please email me and I'll be glad to email you the full song.

These songs are copyrighted by Reinier deSmit, but with ONE EMAIL you can probably obtain an EXPANSIVE permission to download and/or utilize these songs for your personal use.

So my first given name is Scott. My second, and the one I go by now, is Reinier. You'll hear references to my first wife Denise along with this mysterious Scott fellow a number of times. Do not fear Reinier is here.. but Scott is never far behind!

Back in the day one actually used cassette tapes for messages in answering machines - you could transfer high fidelity content onto them directly - so I would delight in coming up with new messages every few months. So check 'em out and resist the urge to speak clearly after the tone!

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