Instrumental bits, no lyrics to contend with.
Just Hear what you're here to Hear...

The majority of these are short ditties in various lengths.
Crank up th' volume and ENJOY!

"Orcha II"

length: (2:52)

"Before Coffee"

length: (1:10)

"The Wah People"

length: (0:25)

"Learnin Curve"

length: (0:55)

"Subway Squeezin"

length: (2:17)

"Swamp Buggy"

[some lyrics] length: (1:03)

"High Sticking"

length: (2:21) (with Street drummer dude)

"Robot 37"
length: (1:50)

"Helen's Bells"
length: (3:50)

length: (3:17)

 length: (5:01)

"I See Awe"
length: (3:07) edit

 length: (1:23)

"Saviour Self"
 length: (1:59) edit

"50 / 50"
length: (1:46)

 length: (1:12) edit

"Get On Your Camel"
length: (2:05)

 length: (0:09) full

"It's Out There"
length: (0:51)