Original Music Creations.

POP = Popular music. Danceable, Groovy, Stuck-In-Your-Head-and-Won't-Go-Away music.

SoundTrax = Instrumental music. Sonic Imagery for movie, TV, meditation, celebration.

Jingles = Radio & TV spots. Short effective Acts for the Theatre of Your Mind.

Other = Collaborations in All Areas of Audio Expression.

Reinier has been creating and producing music for over 27 years now.

Having spent the 80's learning the craft of songwriting and then through the 90's as a music producer in Toronto, Ontario. He took the better part of the 2000's to focus and master his photography. Now, as the 2010's roll in, Reinier has come home to his first love, music creation. His mastery of the HEART of the music he works on, as well as the technical mastery of todays leading edge music software and hardware, let's him bring a lot to the table. Wether it be recording local band's pre-production demos, their final CD or composing mini-soundtracks for web videos, he's ready to call the tune!

Here at NoWallsMusic.com you can listen to some of the work he has done, what he's currently working on, and sometimes a peak at upcoming projects...

Almost all of the music here was done on an assortment of recording equipment - some analogue, some digital. From 2 to 24 track. Reinier's main phylosophy regarding song creation is it ISN'T the MEDIUM but THE MESSAGE that counts. As he was taught, and has taught others: " a nicely polished piece of dog turd is still a dog turd! Write a good piece of music and the recording medium is not that critical". Hopefully you will find that you do not need a Pooper Scooper as you explore this site!!

Unless otherwise noted, all sounds on this
site were created by Reinier deSmit.