Radio Noise:

It's out there...

Audio Waves travelling to the Stars, forever reaching out into the depths of unsuspecting Deep Space...

Here are some of the bits that I've helped stir into the Cosmic Radio Stew. The older ones should be reaching the Crab Nebula right about now....

"Image Factory"
Huntsville, Ontario
(30 sec. radio spot)

This was a Halloween special spot that I ended doing the Count Drac voice over. It vaz fun, blah!

"Coffee Time Donuts"
Toronto, Ontario
(30 sec. radio spot)

This was, at the time, an up-and-coming Donut chain that thought it would take on the Mighty Tim's. 'nuff said!

"Cottage Life"
Toronto, Ontario
(30 sec. radio spot)

Fun with Mosquitoes! We did about 6 spots for these folk. I like this one best. Oh, I got to play my accordion on it - yee haw!

(60 sec. radio spot)

Always a challenge to put 75 seconds of information in a 60second space! Good news was the up-tempo dance music we wrote for this sucka.

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"Performers for

Toronto (60 sec. radio spot)

We couldn't fit a whole busload of kids into the studio fo this one, so we used old-fashioned trickery to turn our two adult singers into kids...

"Fuji QuickSnap"
(60 sec. TV spot)

A MuchMusic ad for those throw-away cardboard cameras. I used sound effects from my $1000 Nikon camera to do the rhythm track - who knew?

"Culligan Water"
(60 sec. radio spot)

He's in the shower and being grilled by the Culligan Lady...
Sound like something familiar?

For your sake, I hope not!!!

"Plant Prod"
Ontario(60 sec. radio spot)

He's in the Garden using his cow, Bonnie, for a fertilizer machine. Sound like something familiar?

For your neighbor's sake, I hope not!

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(30 sec. radio spot)

Planned communities- where we ALL want to live some day!
Happy birds, politely barking dogs, and pizza delivery right to your front door.... ahhhh!

"Metro Home
& Business Show"

(30 sec. radio spot)

How to plan your business - so you can totally exhaust yourself and REALLY enjoy driving 1.5 hours to your nice home in a planned community somewhere!

"British Airways

National (30 sec. radio spot)

And when you just GOTTA get away from your Panned Community to REALLY relax, why not hop on over to England for the weekend?

"McBride Cycle"
(60 sec. radio spot - no voice over)

Or to heck with England! Go get yourself a BIG HARLEY and RIDE RIDE RIDE off into a better and happier Planned Community full of other Socially Conscious Bikers!! Now we're talkin'!

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"East Hamilton

Hamilton, Ont.
(30 sec. radio spot)

This spot features a very rare creature: a woman who LIKES stereo salepeople!
There may have been creative liberties taken with the script...

"Herb Caplan

(30 sec. radio spot - no voice over)

I pride myself in always providing original music for my clients. Once in a while they insist on their favorite tune. See if you can guess which hit I've transfigured for this spot...

"Fall Home Show"
(30 sec. radio spot)

The ever so fun Guy/Girl radio voice over!
Yes, you too can enjoy this age old standard right here - in LIVING STEREO!
Just press play and think of Your Home!

"Rodeo Microwaves"
Somewhere near Utah
(60 sec. demo radio spot)

I think you'll quickly get that this demo never went to air. In fact Rodeo Microwaves & Appliances never really existed - except in my head. Now you can witness first hand its exorcism!